For the majority of our clients, the intersection of public relations with branding, marketing, advertising, and even design can be a bit confusing. The way we see things helps simplify the process. To us, it’s all messaging…what is the message and how do you get the message out to market?

Public Relations, simply put, is creating goodwill or a favorable opinion of your business or organization in the public’s eye. It’s getting your message out there, typically by way of the press or other media. Whether via press releases, social media, outreach events, or other methods, Clark Concepts has the experience and tools to paint a positive picture of your business.

By combining digital outreach with real world relationships, we help our clients reach their desired goals by working directly with you to promote positive “buzz” around your story, brand or launch.  We create promotions and pitch to media outlets to secure press placement across all media platforms including print, digital and broadcast.  The following is the basic lineup of PR outreach:

  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Media Kits
  • Reputation Management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Community Relations
  • Media Relations

For Event Support, we promote special and high profile events for our clients at the local and regional levels.  We create detailed timelines, action plans and media agendas that will build awareness, achieve media recognition and promote engagement that will ultimately lead to increased attendance and revenue.  When thinking about PR strategies, you should not overlook the value of doing live, offline events.  Event Support can include any of the following:

  • Grand Openings
  • Charity Benefits
  • Product Launches
  • Photo Shoot Support
  • Trade Shows
  • Production, Guest Lists and Press
  • Giveaways and Product Samples

Images from a recent press event we supported for Montgomery County Department of Transportation.

Images from a recent press event we supported for Montgomery County Department of Transportation. Learn more about the project here.

Photo (right) From left to right: Roger Berliner, Montgomery County Councilmember, Allan Kittleman, Howard County Executive, Isiah Leggett, Montgomery County Executive, John Sarbanes, U.S. Congressman, Maryland District 3, and Al Roshdieh, Director, Montgomery County Department of Transportation.