• Pamela Clark
    Creative Director/Founder

    Pamela founded Clark Concepts Graphic Design in December 1997. She is a marketing services and graphic design professional with more than 25 years of experience designing and developing branding strategies for a variety of industries. Pam is committed to providing Clark Concepts’ clients with top-notch quality design and service. She has built a solid client base by gaining customer loyalty over the years. Most of Clark Concepts’ work comes from referrals from other satisfied clients.

    Pam’s background is in design and marketing. She has a B.A. in Visual and Performing Arts, Imaging and Digital Arts Concentration, from The University of Maryland Baltimore County, and an M.A. in Liberal Arts, Publication Design Concentration, from the University of Baltimore.

  • Jennifer Owers
    Website Project Manager

    Jennifer Owers graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in art and graphic design. With a managerial background in print publishing and niche marketing solutions, she brings a new layer of project management and design experience to Clark Concepts. Jen’s systems thinking is what keeps her on track with tasks and allows her to deliver completed projects efficiently and on time.  Jen is fluent in Adobe Creative Suite and PowerPoint software applications. She creates social media plans and strategy as well as providing support by doing posts for our clients.

  • Rachel Wojnilower
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Rachel holds an MBA from George Washington University and a BA in Graphic Design from American University. She enjoys using both the analytical and creative sides of her brain to build and implement strategic digital marketing initiatives. With six years of experience working in various in-house marketing departments, she has a deep understanding of the challenges that many clients face. From social media to digital advertising and beyond, Rachel helps Clark Concepts’ clients reach their potential with cutting-edge digital solutions.

  • Scott Cassidy
    Illustrator and Graphic Designer

    Scott has worked in several design fields, from website design to magazine publishing, honing the skills and talents those paths demand. His favorite aspect of the design field has always been illustration. Be it pencil on paper or stylus on a tablet there is not a day goes by that he is not creating something from nothing. This artistic learning gives him an eye for aesthetics that has served him well throughout his career.

  • Anthony Ahn
    Senior Website Programmer

    Anthony is a full stack website coder and database expert with experience building custom WordPress themes and plugins. He is an active member of the open-source community where he contributes his knowledge of both front-end applications using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript, and server-side platforms using PHP and MySQL. He has been working in tech for over a decade and has a broad range of experience from analytics, quality control, and application programming using C# and VBA. Anthony is a proud graduate of Northwestern University.

  • Tiera Harris
    Marketing Communications Director

    Tiera is a data-driven integrated marketing professional with 5 years of experience across a variety of industries. She holds a master’s degree from Georgetown University in Public Relations and Corporate Communications and a B.A. from Hampton University in Broadcast Journalism. Her experience spans across the communications realm including content marketing, branding, website development, digital strategy, event planning, client-relations and business reporting/analytics. Through graceful collaboration, specialized skills, and a can-do attitude, Tiera aims to provide our clients premium service while aggressively working to achieve their goals.

  • Amanda Murphy
    Marketing Communications Specialist

    Amanda Murphy is a seasoned marketing communications specialist with over 4 years of experience supporting a myriad of clients from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. With a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Maryland, Amanda has widespread experience leading corporate marketing and communication strategies for some of the world’s most influential brands. As a content marketer, she has a keen understanding and passion for audience development to ultimately drive profitable action and increase the bottom line. Amanda works hand in hand with clients to ensure a thoughtful and quality work product.

  • Randi Hays
    Senior Designer / Studio Manager

    Randi Hays graduated from School of Visual Arts (SVA) with a Bachelor’s in fine arts and design with a focus in publication design.  She is a multidisciplinary designer with 20+ of experience designing for a wide range of clients in Greater Washington. She has had the opportunity to design in many environments: B2B, PR, education, government, healthcare, non-profits and has done some pro bono work as well. Her goal is to create a strong voice for every client and transforming an organization’s image, perception and voice. With every project Randi is always thinking 10 steps ahead of herself, planning how all pieces of a campaign might look.

  • Korrea Johnston
    Senior Marketing Specialist

    Korrea is an ambitious and resourceful member of the team. Having graduated at the top of her class in marketing at Hampton University, she’s always relished in both the creative and analytical aspects of the marketing field. Even though she has experience in everything from event planning/coordination to SEO to reporting to strategic planning and beyond, Korrea has gained a focus in content marketing, especially social media management and email dissemination. Also known as the “client whisperer,” she is exceptionally great at building and maintaining strong relationships with our partners and delivering solid results.

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